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Loyd Alexander


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Originally from Covington, Georgia, Loyd Alexander first visited North Carolina for a summer camp while growing up and fell in love with North Carolina, especially the NC Mountains, and eventually settled here. As a real estate agent, Loyd demonstrates remarkable passion and determination to ensure he gives real estate buyers and sellers a memorable experience and excellent service in every transaction. Before venturing into real estate, Loyd had enjoyed a successful career in sales and sales management, spanning over 20 years, gaining valuable experience that has been vital to his career in real estate.

With a solid reputation for his resourcefulness and a strong commitment to serving people, Loyd has successfully guided thousands of clients through complex negotiations and highly competitive markets, making the process easy and enjoyable. His competency lies in his continuous efforts to stay up-to-date with the real estate industry trends and constant and thorough search of new
ways to serve his customers best. A passionate people-person, Loyd’s ability to connect with people easily and deeply allows him to gain a deep understanding of their needs and find a fitting and personalized solution for them.

Whether you are a new buyer, buying your second home, relocating, or seeking a 1031 Exchange, Loyd owns your vision and walks with you closely from the beginning of the transaction until you get what you want. He leverages his extensive knowledge of the local market to educate his clients about real estate transactions comprehensively, ensuring they can make wise and informed
decisions during the transaction and in the future. A refined negotiator, Loyd takes on the negotiation process with incredible skill and expertise to repeatedly ensure that his clients get the best deal within their budget. Loyd’s penchant for forming trusting professional relationships, coupled with a personable personality, makes it easy working with him and makes his customers feel comfortable working with him.

With a solid background in sales, Loyd is a valuable asset to real estate sellers. He uses his proficiency with modern technology to increase your property viewings, effectively attracting more potential buyers and more competitive prices. Loyd is exceptionally conscious of the experience he offers his customers. He emphasizes excellent customer services and never prioritizes profit over client satisfaction. He is renowned for his outstanding communication skills, integrity, persistence,
and being dependable.

Outside work, Loyd enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, cooking, spending time with friends, and is passionate about coffee, beer, wine, and great food.

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